Keeping Up With Chaos

Episode 48 - Unfuckwithable

June 09, 2021 Jozlyn, Nikki & Ginger Season 1 Episode 48
Keeping Up With Chaos
Episode 48 - Unfuckwithable
Show Notes

Episode 48 - Unfuckwithable

Jozlyn, Nikki & Ginger chat with Ginger's good friend, Nat, who  chats with us about Passion Vs. Profession.  Nat shares with us about how she went from majoring & training to be a Musical Theater actor, to studying & practicing Law, then on to become a F45 franchise gym owner during the span of her professional career and she's not done yet!  Making career changes, while creating BIG goals, creates more fun, more passion and who says we just have to be one thing in this lifetime! Plus all the everyday Chaos!  Cheers!

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Guest Info:
Natalie, a trained Musical Theater Opera singer, Lawyer and now F45 gym owner

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